Why Choose Us?

With Keen, you will have access to our qualified technicians and support staff. Support staff will provide advice for your compliance needs in regards to Test and Tag services, Australian Standard AS3760 as well as recommend any possible means of reducing the test frequency required by these regulations. We will then provide a visual inspection and hazard assessment of the electrical items in your workplace. When our technicians are on site they will also recommend any changes to your current Testing and Tagging program.

At Keen, we provide full reports on all tested appliances with documentation stored electronically for 7 years. We also provide full insurance as well as after-hour Testing and Tagging to allow for flexibility (including weekends).

Keen Test and Tag uses a systematic risk assessment documentation to determine the test frequency, which could be extended for up to 5 years if located in the correct environment - a significant dollar saving on many years of testing! This outcome could be achieved by a simple redirection of the existing cabling or fixed installation of the equipment.

At Keen, we aim to deliver a service that provides reliable and accurate results as well as working efficiently in order to complete your testing and tagging needs, keeping disrupting your business to a minimum.

Your Keen Test and Tag technicians can advise you on the best outcome for your business. Contact us to meet your Test and Tag needs today!


As a standard we will supply:
Notification of
due testing dates
Full reporting and
a written copy of all appliances
tested on completion
Advice and assistance
in providing a compliant
Documentation stored
electronically for 7 years
No multi-site
State of the
art testing equipment
After hours solutions
for Test and Tag including
Saturdays and Sunday
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