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Keen Test and Tag have your testing and tagging service in Adelaide under control.

Australia’s WHS regulations state that electrical equipment used in the workplace must be regularly inspected and tested. At Keen Test and Tag, Adelaide clients will have benefit of Keen being able to provide these services to help your workplace meet all current standards in this area. With our knowledge and expertise, our testing and tagging service can allow you to maintain your safety requirements.

At Keen Test and Tag, any appliance identified as a potential hazard is isolated and identified as non-compliant. Keen Test and Tag will then provide all clients with a computer generated logbook and asset register, detailing the appliance tested and the test undertaken. The asset register also records the make, model and serial number of the appliance undergoing testing. This documentation and asset register will form part of the compliance documentation required for your businesses WH&S controlling regulations.

In Australia, newly purchased electrical appliances are deemed ‘safe’ and the supplier of the equipment is responsible for its initial safety. While new equipment does not need to be tested, it does require a visual inspection for any apparent damage. Where appliances are deemed to be compliant, the Owner or a Responsible Person within the business should ensure that it is tagged in accordance with the standard.


Keen Procedures for Testing your Electrical Equipment

Your Keen Test and Tag technician will provide a visual inspection of each appliance checking for the following:

  • Any damage to outer insulation
  • Secure plug and socket connections
  • Any charring of plugs and / or conncector pins
  • Loose or bent pins
  • Twists or curls or out of shape cords
  • Any loose components

Following an initial visual inspection appliance testing is then applied. This includes:

  • Insulation resistance
  • Earth continuity
  • Polarity testing
  • Leakage
  • RCD trip times
Did you know?
80% of fires are related or caused by electrical equipment malfunction Businesses run the risk of losing their insurance coverage if they have not provided best safety practices.
Up to 10% of workplaces have a failed item upon test and tag inspections Every business has a legal requirement to document WH&S risk and the procedures taken to reduce or eliminates risks.
As a standard we will supply:
Notification of
due testing dates
Full reporting and
a written copy of all appliances
tested on completion
Advice and assistance
in providing a compliant
Documentation stored
electronically for 7 years
No multi-site
State of the
art testing equipment
After hours solutions
for Test and Tag including
Saturdays and Sunday
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