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Welcome to Keen Test and Tag

Keen Test and Tag was founded due to many requests from our valued clients, wishing to become compliant with South Australian workplace health and safety (WHS) regulations.

Testing and Tagging has become a necessary aspect of workplace safety and is currently government regulated, with National WHS regulations stating that a person conducting a business at a workplace must ensure that all electrical equipment is regularly inspected and tested. If the equipment is used in an environment in which it exposes the equipment to conditions that are likely to result in damage to the equipment or a decline in its estimated life span, then it must be tested and tagged. Non-compliance may result in penalties of up to $3600 for an individual or $18000 for a corporate body.

To read more about current WHS regulations, please visit Safe Work Australia.

For over 30 years Keen has taken great pride in delivering excellent service, products and information to assist our business clients, and we now look forward to help them achieving their compliance needs through Keen Test and Tag.


As a standard we will supply:
Notification of
due testing dates
Full reporting and
a written copy of all appliances
tested on completion
Advice and assistance
in providing a compliant
Documentation stored
electronically for 7 years
No multi-site
State of the
art testing equipment
After hours solutions
for Test and Tag including
Saturdays and Sunday
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